How to use your nasal drops

Nasal drops are solutions or suspensions used for temporary relief of congestion in the nose. These congestion’s may be caused by several conditions sever such as; common cold, sinusitis, hay fever and allergies. Here are a few tips to use your nasal drops.

  • Carefully clear your nostrils by blowing your nose¬† in a gently manner
  • Wash your hands
  • Gently shake the nasal drop bottle if necessary (read drug label)
  • Remove lid from the bottle
  • Lie on a bed and let your head hang over the edge of the bed or bend forward while kneeling down
  • NB: tilting the head backwards is not a suitable position for administration because this position does not permit contact between the drops and the upper surface of the nostril
  • Hold the dropper over the affected nostril (without letting it touch the nostril) and carefully drop in the required amount of drug. The aim is to evenly spread the drop(s) over the surface of the nostril.
  • Remain in the same position for about 2 minutes so the drops would not run down out of the nose or down the back of the throat.
  • Repeat with the other nostril if necessary.
  • Replace the lid on the bottle.


  • If you find it difficult administering the nasal drops by yourself, you could ask someone to help you administer it
  • Avoid blowing your nose for at least 20mins after administering drops
  • If some drops leave an unpleasant taste in the throat, drinking water could help.
  • Do not use more medication or use the drops more often or for a longer period than it is recommended as this could increase the number of side effects.

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