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Who we are

HILPharma is a non profit, non governmental organization actively working with a dynamic and passionate team of volunteers on promoting a medication safety culture and combating drug abuse in our society.


To build a medication safety culture in communities and healthcare systems


Empowering communities and healthcare professionals in medication safety and liberating substance abuse victims through capacity building.


Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence

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What we do


Through our “Youth Against Drug Abuse” curriculum, we build capacities in school children that would make them resilient to the current pressures of getting involved in drug abuse, and at the same time equip them to become #No-to-Drug-Abuse ambassadors to their respective communities. (Find out more)


We provide assistance to drug abuse victims seeking to quit. Our multidisciplinary team has a proven approach to gently accompany you on this journey, with minimal withdrawal symptoms. (Find out more)


We organize workshops and training sessions for adults (parents, teachers, community leaders, health professionals, public and private parties) to equip them on drug abuse prevention and management approaches, as well as basic first aid techniques that could save lives. (Find out more)

Research and Dissemination

We gather findings from previous studies on the subjects of healthy living, medication safety/drug abuse, and communicate them to the lay community in simple language via our edifying blog articles. We are equally involved in scientific research aiming at producing additional evidence that will enrich the scientific community and inform policy. (Find out more)

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Dr. Ekwoge Hilda

Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Siewe Joseph

Co-Founder and Vice President

Dr. Shu Beckly

Secretary General

Wainda Mildred


Dr. Ngo Bama Solange

Public Relations Officer

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